Buying Discount SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party Max 50% OFF

SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party
SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party


Product Description

kurta pyjama for men cottonkurta pyjama for men cotton


SKAVIJ brings to you a wide range of Indian Ethnic Wear Kurta Pajama Set, Dhoti Kurtas, Kurtas, and Sherwanis that is designed for special occasions where you wish to look your best. Our Traditional design captures all of the details of the classic Indian men's garment. SKAVIJ's Ethnic Wear range is suitable for a wedding, a party as well as a festive occasion because of its beautiful design and elegance.


This luxury traditional Indian kurta pajama 2-piece set includes a top (kurta) and a bottom (pajama). There is beautiful embroidery work on the placket, chest and collar that adds beauty to this set. Loose-fitting sleeves and slits along the sides allow for an easy fit and let air circulate freely through the garment. The pant included in this kurta pajama set has a relaxed fit through the seat and legs for absolute comfort. Loose comfortable fitting makes it a great wear.


  • Material: Dupion Art Silk.
  • Color: Beige, black, blue, brown, red, and turquoise.
  • Collar Type: Mandarin collar.
  • Length Type: Knee-length.
  • Sleeve Type: Long sleeve.
  • Pattern-style: Embroidered
  • Season: Spring / summer / autumn / winter.
  • Suitable for: Wedding, anniversary, party, special occasion, festivals, lohri, pongal, makar sakranti, baisakhi, holi, eid, raksha bandhan, dussehra, diwali, navratri, pooja, christmas, onam, ganesh chaturthi, and Janmasthmi. Perfect gift for father and friends.
Buying Discount SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party Max 50% OFF
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2-Pieces Elegant Kurta Pajama Evening Dhoti Kurta Fashion 3-Piece Kurta Pajama Art Silk Dhoti Kurta Wedding Party 4 Piece Sherwani Set Party Wear Dhoti Kurta
Size Range S, M, L, XL S, M, L, XL S, M, L, XL S, M, L, XL S, M, L, XL S, M, L, XL
Embroidery on Embroidered Kurta Pajama Neck and Placket Neck and Sleeves Ends Stylish Button on Placket Neck, Placket and on Overcoat Stylish Button on Placket
Color available Black, Red, Brown up to 8 colors Beige, Black, Blue, Red up to 8 colors Beige, Black, Blue up to 8 colors Black, Red, Turquoise, Off white up to 8 colors Beige, Black, Gold up to 12 colors Black, Red, Turquoise, Off white up to 8 colors

Buying Discount SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party Max 50% OFF

Buying Discount SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party Max 50% OFF

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Editorial Reviews Product Description Writer-director Brian De Palma “maintains a fever pitch from start to finish” (Leonard Maltin) with this “steamily libidinous and extremely bloody thriller” (Newsweek)! Starring Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson and Nancy Allen (in a Golden Globe®-nominated performance), this taut psycho-sexual chiller is a razor-sharp tale of passion, madness and murder that’s as “scary as the devil [with] suspense to spare” (Playboy)! Fashionable Manhattan therapist Dr. Robert Elliott (Caine) faces the most terrifying moment of his life, when a psychotic killer begins attacking the women (Dickinson and Allen) in his life— with a straight razor stolen from his office. Desperate to find the murderer before anyone else is hurt, Elliott is soon drawn into a dark and disturbing world of chilling desires. And as the doctor edges closer to the terrible truth, he finds himself lost in a provocative and deadly maze of obsession, deviance and deceit— where the most harmless erotic fantasies…can become the most deadly sexual nightmares! To condemn Dressed to Kill as a Hitchcock rip-off is to miss the sheer enjoyment of Brian De Palma's delirious 1980 thriller. Hitchcockian homages run rampant through most of De Palma's earlier films, and this one's chock-full of visual quotes, mostly cribbed from Vertigo and Psycho. But De Palma's indulgent depravity transcends simple mimicry to assume a vitality all its own. It's smothered in thickly atmospheric obsessions with sex, dread, paranoia, and voyeurism, not to mention a heavy dose of Psycho-like psychobabble about a wannabe transsexual who's compelled to slash up any attractive female who reminds him--the horror!--that he's still very much a man. Angie Dickinson plays the sexually unsatisfied, fortysomething wife who's the killer's first target, relaying her sexual fantasies to her psychiatrist (Michael Caine) before actually living one of them out after the film's celebrated cat-and-mouse sequence in a Manhattan art museum. The focus then switches to a murder witness (De Palma's then-girlfriend Nancy Allen) and Dickinson's grieving whiz-kid son (Keith Gordon), who attempt to solve the murder while staying one step ahead (or so they think) of the crude detective (Dennis Franz) assigned to the case. Propelled by Pino Donaggio's lush and stimulating score, De Palma's visuals provide seductive counterpoint to his brashly candid dialogue, and the plot conceals its own implausibility with morbid thrills and intoxicating suspense. If you're not laughing at De Palma's shameless audacity, you're sure to be on the edge of your seat. --Jeff Shannon Movies TV => Blu-ray => Movies Buying Discount SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party Max 50% OFF SKAVIJ Men's Kurta Pajama 2-Piece Set Art Silk Embroidered Party we are now the largest global fashion search platform, Compare Discounts Dr. Elliott, a psychiatrist, is the consummate professional. He refuses non-professional relationships with his female patients and he works diligently to protect their confidences and identities. Surely, he is someone Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson) could trust, even if she could not trust her husband to care about her, her son to keep his promises or his appointments, his lover not to put her at risk. Surely, we can trust the police to protect the innocent, prosecute the guilty, and not put people at potential risk. At the very least, prisons and mental asylums can be trusted to protect the public from dangerous individuals. On the other hand, a hooker should be reluctant to trust the advice of her John, and she herself can hardly be expected to be truthful or to seek justice. What really makes this film frightening is the way it undercuts the viewer's assumptions about who is and is not trustworthy. This is a very well crafted thriller that remains entertaining even when if we have guessed who did it. It has a Hitchcock feel, but there is more at stake here. DePalma realizes that what is most frightening of all is to discover that those we have trusted have betrayed us. The explanation that comes at the end of the film is not politically correct and is actually pretty far-fetched, but the film is not about explanations. It is is about fear. Good: The performances by Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson (career-best), and Nancy Allen.Brian De Palma's clever reworking of some standard Hitchcock tropes, especially the use of doubles: characters, images, objects.if you're in the mood for a good scare, "Dressed To Kill" delivers.Bad: The rip-off factor. This is so obviously a peculiar remake of "Psycho" that you can see the big reveal from a mile away.De Palma's script: After the first forty minutes, the plot turns preposterous. Joseph Stephano's for "Psycho" played fair, was logical, and sparkled with some tension-relieving macabre humor. For the most part De Palma's movie lacks wit.Editing: uninspired. Music: Pino Donaggio is a fine composer, especially of chamber mood pieces, but he's no Bernard Herrmann.Ugly: Gratuitous sexual images that degrade rather than elevate the film. At his best Hitchcock understood that it's what you don't see that delivers the most powerful punch, whether to titillate or to frighten.Verdict: Hitchcock said it best. When asked if he considered "Dressed To Kill" an homage, he replied, "No. Fromage."Starting off with the man in the museum and the STD letter we think we have a handle on where this story is heading. We're all set up so that the killing comes as a surprise, and then the story goes off in a completely different direction than what we had been prepared for. Kept me on the edge of my seat. It's fun to just be carried along by the talent of a master film maker.The love for this film has always baffled me. The writing is awful - Mr. De Palma does better with writing collaborators, frankly. The plot is absurd, anyone and I mean ANYONE who doesn't know what's going on from the first murder or ever before is seriously dense. Those who profess surprise at ANY point in this film is seriously dense. So, what are we left with. Style. A little Vertigo, more than a little Psycho - too bad he couldn't get Simon Oakland to do the explanations at the end, that would have been perfect. But even with all the style and homages, this film has always felt clunky to me and maybe it's because Paul Hirsch didn't edit it. I like style as much as the next person, but you've got to have an interesting story to go with it, and this Dressed to Kill does not have. I will watch any De Palma from before this, even with those films' minor flaws and yes ever film De Palma has ever made has at least minor flaws, but from Dressed to Kill onward it's just downhill until The Untouchables, really. And certainly THAT isn't perfect either. But the De Palma lovers are legion and they will excuse every piece of dreck he makes and every film in the last decade or two IS a piece of dreck. When he's got a good or even decent script and he's not just in rip-off territory, yes the films work - Carrie, absolutely, Sisters, you bet, Obsession, sure, Phantom of the Paradise, great. But Blow Out and especially Body Double? Nope. This MGM Blu-ray is very nice. I never got the Criterion because of the screw-up with the first pressing.Dressed To Kill is divided into thirds. That starts with three styles. The opening is like softcore as Angie Dickinson fantasizes about her lover in the shower. The next part reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock as the movie focuses upon Dickinson meeting her lover with all the emphasis on the details like her putting on each piece of clothing. There’s also a heavily orchestrated soundtrack like Hitchcock used. The main part is a crime thriller focusing upon a killer. The story is also divided into thirds. The killer is stalking Nancy Allen, while he calls up psychiatrist Michael Caine talking about what he did. Last Keith Gordon is trying to find the murderer on his own.The movie works in some parts and not in others. The Hitchcock inspired ones really drag. There is so much placed upon the little things they take forever to end. That makes the movie really up and down and I wasn’t satisfied at the end.Michael Caine, the psychiatrist; Angie Dickenson, the first victim; Dennis Franz. the detective (what else?); Nancy Allen, the hooker - and Brian De Palma directing the madness, mayhem and mystery. A knockoff of "Psycho" and/or "Vertigo"? Not exactly. I would say more of an homage to Hitch. Listen for the lines from his films in this one. This film uses much of De Palma's standard camera work to enhance the shock value. Thriller, Suspense, Psychological, Scary - all describe the content of this one. The film starts, races, then sputters to an end. You end up feeling that there is a little something you missed. But, maybe you're just relieved that the roller-coaster ride is over. Dressed to Kill

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